Branded clothing can be a very effective marketing tool. Whether the clothing is for your team as work wear, or even a type of uniform, it's a great way to proudly get your company name and look out into the community. Each season has it's best uses.... golf shirts, T-shirts, caps, tank tops, hoodies, dress shirts, vests, fall jackets, winter jackets, toques, high vis, safety wear and so much more! We use trusted suppliers of good quality clothing, including eithically sourced and fair trade options.

Whether you need just a few items embroidered, or a whole whackload screen printed there are many options to make your company and team look good!

Additionally, we are always looking for suppliers of clothing that are Canadian made, or ethically sourced and manufactured. We have a few super companies with outstanding quality clothing. Don't hesitate to ask us about these options.

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We've got you covered!

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